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As a fresh marketing consultancy service we aim to demonstrate a high class marketing service that imitates to business industry standards. If you are our client you should be assured that we are working round the clock to grow up your business and being having fresh ideas to expand your business horizons we will work hard to provide you best possible solutions for all of your Marketing needs.




At the moment our services are available in United Kingdom only but we are working hard to soon establish our offices in South Asian region as well in Middle East which keeps us in a good position to know and grow the marketing ideas in local as well as international markets.

Glaxy Buisness Watch Ltd



Glaxy Business Watch is a freshly, recognised marketing consultancy service for the high need of expanding and introducing your business in easy, competitive and affordable price. It has been found via different surveys and research reports by Naveed Services that many enterprises in private sector as well as public sectors cannot arrange the time to introduce the distinguishing calliper of their business along with other competitors, so they don’t bother to pay much attention to this sector…



But the fact remains true that in current era of innovative business techniques and marketing skills it will be soon very difficult for the enterprises to achieve their organizational goals whilst standing in queue with the other allies.

The main focus of all the businesses stays connected with the following three long term goals:

  • A progressive Revenue
  • Marketing competitively
  • Attractive plans and offers for Customers

But the problem is that how and where to find the right tools and a committed team to demonstrate the business to the local or international market. Here at Glaxy Business Watch Ltd we aim to introduce the best and innovative ideas and redefine the marketing skills of your business.




Do you want to expand your business and introduce your products on a wider project and top up your profitability ratio with in the recognized business standards and make your business growing every day in a wide range of markets? Do you need assistance with launching your brand? Need innovative Marketing ideas which are strategically proven as a success key for a business?


If this is what you need to for your business then Glaxy Business Watch Ltd is the solution for you we provide our services to achieve your business and organizational goals. Our marketing team will investigate and will figure out that what exactly you need to initiate in your business and will stay focused and determined to the agreed goals and will work hard to exceed your expectations.


Our basic aim is to offer you the Marketing help and guidelines to improve the profitability ratios which will be having direct impact on the back bone of your business and will make you stand well recognized and developed among your allies. We will work hard to extend the trust of your existing customers and will be continually looking to achieve new customers for your business.


Apart from our Marketing services we will also be you with the number of things to change the whole picture of your business to a make it revised and progressive, growing profitable business e.g., we will also keep a close eye on branding, pricing, logistics, sales training and stock management.



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