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At Glaxy Business Watch Ltd we aim to work comprehensively across the UK, from small to medium sized enterprises and in public sectors. We support our customers to achieve their business goals, from increasing revenues, and profit ratio through improving communication and the engagement techniques.


Our consultancy services are the key to success we have in supporting our clients to make them reach their business targets. We add value for our customers by giving clear picture and understanding that who they are competing with what are the risks and which sectors are needed to be improved and in what way it should be improved.


We aim to help our clients/customers through our marketing strategies and services through a number of things and practical phenomena’s:


Providing high standard of our services at affordable cost


Introducing and implementing profit making business development techniques and skills.

We focus on the current scenario and cross check it against the organizations targets and figure out that which sectors need which improvements


Meeting the clients demands in adequate manners and in a well time framed structure.

Providing the best consultancy and techniques to the business by implementing our skilled market strategies.



Marketing Services


Delivering our knowledge and professional services for your business plus our ideas and marketing mechanisms are well known as basic fundamental rues of Marketing. Our services will be responsible for implementing and managing various development marketing tools to grow up your business for securing the achievement of your business goals. We will be continually looking and communicating, to effectively advocate your products and services to a large number of clients and small enterprises to grow up your business



Glaxy Business Watch Ltd is established as a strategic marketing consultancy service. Our mission is to introduce a high quality, affordable and competitive marketing solutions for your business.


We offer a high quality a single consultancy company to meet and greet you with regards to all of your marketing needs, or you can seek our services to help you deal with the certain problems in your business in which you think that a better consultancy and professional guide line is required to fix the issues.


We aim to help you with marketing strategy as well as a progressive business development plan which will be based on the research carried out to understand your business objectives. We will be also focusing on carrying out random surveys and researches on Market research to figure out the key issues of your business is facing.


Our services will also be carrying Marketing effectiveness audit, which will be helpful to advise on the effectiveness of your marketing steps among your business allies and then taking out necessary steps to improve it gradually in all sectors.


Once you have chosen us to work for your business, we will be putting Marketing plan for your business and manage the whole marketing activities of your business goals, which are..


  • Communication Strategy
  • Branding
  • Marketing Management
  • Brand Communication
  • Marketing project management
  • Increasing the number of customers

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